Ironhack UX/UI — Design Thinking challenge

  • Tell me about your commutes — please talk about the transportation, regularity, ticket purchasing?
  • Can you describe your ideal ticket purchasing process?
  • Can you describe your ideal ticket — digital, physical, hourly, monthly etc.?
  • Do you have anything else you feel like mentioning on this topic?
  • Every one of the interviewees prefers a digital ticket, yet some also mentioned the importance of an option to still buy the ticket in a kiosk, if needed
  • 80% of interviewees have experienced difficulties with purchasing a ticket while abroad
  • The ones who have used apps for ticket purchasing still think that the existing public transport apps are too complicated and should be simplified
  • It would be great to buy a ticket on the go through a quick and simple process as possible and never think about renewal, thicket change etc. again
  • In some countries its really devastating to keep track of all the tickets needed, on the expiry times/dates

Main problem statement: The ticket purchasing process is still too complex and doesnt cover the main need of buying several tickets needed for a single trip all at once.

Exploring (Ideation & Prototype)

Take-away learning

By being in a possibly close “relationship” and in regular sync with the end-user aka. your customer, your business can be one (or dozens) of steps ahead in front of your competitors since the ones actually using your app, will be the ones who will signal about their needs. And such signals must be taken seriously and should then be translated into product improvements or features.



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